World Mission to the Deaf is a Canada-based charity encouraging individuals and local churches to support Christian missionary service among the Deaf.

Thank You for Attending Our Annual Conference!

We held our annual conference Saturday June 9, 2018 and were grateful for those who attended. We were pleased to have reports about Puerto Rico and El Salvador, and to hear directly from Doug and Val Clutton regarding the work they are involved with in the Philippines. Please continue to uphold through prayer the ministries and the Deaf being served.

Check out our El Salvador and Philippines pages for links to the videos seen.

Prayer Points and News

El Salvador: Ana Silvia Valencia and Liss González

Please remember to pray for safety in El Salvador, as their home country has become increasingly more dangerous. Pray for the students' families to know how important it is to support their Deaf children. And please pray for continued financial support.

Be sure to watch the latest ICMD video report - as seen on Saturday June 9, 2018  - through our El Salvador location page!

Philippines: Doug and Val Clutton

Check out the "Naturally Negros Philippines" web site, promoting the farm products grown through the livelihood income generating (PLIG) projects! Sorry, products are only available in the Philippines!

Also see the latest Facebook posts by Naturally Negros on our Philippines location page.

Puerto Rico: Elisabeth Hoke

Thank you for remembering to pray for those impacted by Hurricane Maria!

Be sure to visit the web site of Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf for the latest news and pictures. And see our Puerto Rico location page for a display of Facebook updates from CSCD!

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