World Mission to the Deaf is a Canada-based charity encouraging individuals and local churches to support Christian missionary service among the Deaf.

December 1, 2020: No longer accepting donations

At the end of 2020 World Mission to the Deaf is winding up operations as a not-for-profit charity in Canada. As announced earlier this year, as of November 30, 2020, we are no longer receiving donations.

Thank you to all who have been faithful supporters of Deaf ministry through WMD.

WMD Board

October 12, 2020:  Give Thanks to the Lord

It is Thanksgiving in Canada and we would like to share a short video reflecting on the Lord's goodness over the past 40 years.

Give Thanks to the Lord

May 21, 2020: Important Announcement from WMD

Please see this important announcement from WMD:

An important announcement from WMD

2020 WMD Announcement p1  
2020 WMD Announcement p2

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