Please be sure to see the important May 2020 announcement from WMD on our Home page.


World Mission to the Deaf ceased operations at the end of 2020.

For those who may be interested, you can search the Canada Revenue Agency site to find its listing for WMD and WMD's T3010 returns. Type "World Mission to the Deaf" in the box beside By charity name, then click Search.
Tax Receipts for 2020

World Mission to the Deaf will mail out tax receipts around February 2021. If you've made donations through, your tax receipt comes from them. You can get those tax receipts at their site's receipt download page.
Our Restricted Gift Policy
Spending of funds is confined to board approved programs and projects. Each restricted contribution designated towards a board approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the board, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such program or project will be used where needed most.
Thank you for having faithfully supported the needs of World Mission to the Deaf, and for your generous gifts over the many years.
May God bless you!