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El Salvador

El Salvador is in Central America bordering the North Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, and Honduras. Here are two sources of information about El Salvador that you may find helpful:
WMD is currently supporting the following missionaries and ministries in El Salvador:
  • Workers: Ana Silvia Valencia, Liss González
  • In 1985 Ana Silvia founded Escuela Cristiana para Sordos (Christian School for the Deaf) in San Salvador. Liss served there for many years as a key administrator. The school is focused on preparing Deaf students for mainstreamed high school. As of June 2013 WMD is no longer able to direct support to students or programming at the school.
  • Ana Silvia and Liss are engaged in developing new initiatives supporting the vision of a Deaf educator, Fátima Abarca de Alas, focused on 3 main areas:
    • education for Deaf children in a different part of El Salvador
    • providing for the needs of Deaf graduates in areas of Christian discipleship, leadership training and vocational training
    • networking and advocacy for the Deaf and seeking to develop more interpreters.
  • ICMD - International Christian Ministry for the Deaf (MCIS - Ministerio Cristiano Internacional para Sordos) was inaugurated March, 2014. Pray for their board of directors: President Ana Silvia Valencia, Vice President Fátima Abarca de Alas (Deaf), Secretary Alexia Rodríguez, Treasurer Lissette González, Ana Clotilde Vásquez, and Patricia Ramírez.

International Christian Ministry for the Deaf 2018

International Christian Ministry for the Deaf 2018 w ASL

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